QC era Canadian Postal Corps Cap badge

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You are viewing the scans for this rare cap badge for the Royal Canadian Postal Corps. It is made of brass with a center overlay in white metal, all resting on an eight pointed white metal sunburst design. Still in excellent condition with its original tang type attachment in good order. 

Guaranteed genuine.

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Most likely this badge was made in the early days of Queen Elizabeth's reign. No "Royal" designation. This organization got its start as a military unit, and operated as such, with proper uniforms, efficiency, and pride of service. 

("Nor rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail, will stop us from our appointed rounds.")

 Established 3 May 1911 as The "Canadian Postal Corps" with its insignia being then our Canadian Coat of Arms. It was disbanded some time before the unification of The Canadian Forces by the Trudeau 1st  government. The Queen added the prestigious "Royal" designation to their name in 1961, but less than a decade later, thanks to the socialist leanings of the Liberals and Trudeau Ist , as well as disruptive socialist leaning unions, the postal service lost its military nature, and eventually became the questionable, expensive, and inefficient organization it is today, eventually being privatized to a great degree, again by Liberals, until it was unrecognizable when compared to the prestigious corps that it was originally. 
Interestingly it also got a lot more expensive too. Remember the 5 cent stamps of the '60's. It now costs a staggering $.95 to mail a letter. If we compare car prices from that time; under the same inflationary results, a $3000 regular Chevy car in 1965 would cost 25 times more or over $75,000 today. More than twice what they are currently worth... Imagine that!