WWI era Canadian Engineers Badge Lot

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The above scans show a six piece WWI Canadian Engineers 5 pieces ... cap badge, button, titles, collar badge, and stick pin. All made of brass, in very good condition, design features are still crisp, with all original lugs and attachments intact and in good order.
The Canadian Engineers corps was first organized from members of our militia regiments for WWI. After the great War the unit, like so many others, received from George V the "Royal" designation. During the interwar period and in WWII this corps was known as the Royal Canadian Engineers. Their motto, like that of the artillery was, and is, "UBIQUE" (everywhere) since they participated along side most of the other regiments in the Canadian Army. Though the "Engineers" were trained battle troops, they also performed most of the construction needed to advance and maintain the army; roads, bridges, demolitions, etc. Consequently they did not move as a unit but they were "everywhere" that the army was.

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