WWII era Cap & Collar Set for the Edmonton Fusiliers Lot #2

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The scans above show a second 3 piece set of uniform badges for the WW2 era Edmonton Fusiliers. A bi-metal brass & silver badge set depicting a wreathed bear figure on the cap badge and two opposing bear figures on the collar set. The badges are in excellent condition with original lug type fasteners on the cap badge and on the collar device set, all in good order. Cap badge has a "Skully" hallmark.


The Edmonton Fusiliers were mobilized just after war was declared and then placed on active service on 1st of September 1939 for local protection duties. The original sections were disbanded at the end of 1940. The the 1st Battalion of this regiment had been mobilized on 24 May 1940. It served in Canada in a home defense role as part of the 13th Infantry Brigade, 6th Canadian Infantry. A 3rd Battalion from the Edmonton Fusiliers,was called up for active service on 12 May 1942. They served briefly in Canada as home defense, and was attached to the 16th Infantry Brigade, 8th Canadian Division. They were disbanded at the end of the summer of '43. With the closure of the war in 1945, the 1st Battalion was also disbanded.

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