WWII King's Own Malta Regiment Cap Badge

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You are viewing the scans of a rare WWII era cap badge for the King's Own Malta Regiment. 

This rather large brass cap badge is very clean with design features still clear and distinct. Both original lug typ fasteners are original and intact, as well as the brass cross pin. Beneath the Edwardian style crown, we find a large silver plated Maltese cross, surrounded by the regimental name. Under this, one sees a Roman numeral rendering of MDCCC, which is the original founding year for the parant regiment -1800. This badge may be officer grade due to its silver plated nature.

The modern K.O.M.R. was formed as a Territorial Infantry Regiment in 1932.  It grew out of the Royal Malta Regiment of Militia, established in 1889. The name changed to the contemporary Kings Own in 1903, when during a Royal Visit, when King Edward VII referred to the RMRM as "My Regiment".

During the Second World War the Regiment grew into four battalions, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 10th, and all rendered exceeptional service in the island defence. The infantrymen were trained in fighting tactics, weapons and anti-invasion drills, to prepare against the looming Axis threat to Malta, That was called "Operation Herkules", the planned German invasion of the strategic island.

The main task of the 2nd Battalion was the defence of the shores of Malta. including the manning of pill boxes, and making constant patrols along the shoreline tp protect from any Commando-style operations of the enemy.

These infantrymen took part in the unloading of vital cargoes from convoy ships, before the ships were bombed in their moorings. So essential were the supplies that speedy unloading always continued, even during air raids! The Regiment also put to good use anti-aircraft guns to provide defence against attacking enemy aircraft, especially those strafing the airfields. Other jobs included the re-arming and refueling of the few RAF planes available to the island defenses

In January 1941, after the Germans tried to sink the battlewagon the Illustrious in the Malta port with determined and ferocious bombing, they were sent to rescue the living and remove the dead from the devastated harbor area.

The Regiment was given its well-deserved battle honour Malta 1940 - 1942. The Queen also granted the regiment the unique privilege of carrying the George Cross on its Regimental Colour Banner. The Regiment was disbanded in 1972.

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