WW2 era Halifax Rifles Cap & Collar Set

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The scans above show a set of 3 which includes a uniform cap badge and the collars for the WW2 era infantry regiment called the Halifax Rifles. They are all made of browning copper using the stamping production method. In excellent condition with all original lug type fasteners intact on the all three badges. Note the bugle in the badge design, clearly indicating an Infantry regiment. The glass top display box shown inthe scans, is available at no extra charge, but may add to the cost of shipping.

The Halifax Rifles originated as an Infantry unit in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 14 May 1860. Shortly after Confederation, in 1869; they were given the name The "63rd Halifax Volunteer Battalion of Rifles" and soon after, on the 13 May 1870, the name was changed to "63rd Halifax Batallion of Rifles". In 1900 they became known as the "63rd Regiment Halifax Rifles".  Following the Great War it was given the name it has today "The Halifax Rifles" on 15 May 1920. During the Second World War it was mobilized in 1941 and went overseas to England. On 1 April 1946 the regiment was converted from a basic infantry unit to armour and redesignated the "23rd Armoured Regiment (Halifax Rifles), RCAC". In 1949 the name was changed again to the  "Halifax Rifles (23rd Armoured Regiment)" and then again to "The Halifax Rifles (RCAC)" on 19 May 1958. In 1965, after the Pearson Government (Liberal)  took over it was reduced to nil strength and transferred to the Supplementary Order of Battle. Interestingly enough, on the 28th of July 2009, it was removed from the Supplementary Order of Battle and reactivated as a Reserve Force regiment of the Canadian Army.

Guaranteed an orginal WW2 era set of 3. 

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