WW2 Finland: Order of the Cross of Liberty

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You are viewing a vintage WW2 Finlandic Order of the Cross of Liberty. This is called the Cross of Mourning for next of kin. (Mothers cross). Made of black enameled silver.It has an interesting clasp holding the medal to the ribbon. Note the stylized silver swastika over the enameling on the cross portion of the medal. (In WW2, the Finlandic peoples were supporters of Nazi Germany, and fought mostly, if not exclusively against the Soviet scourge.) Very nice patina giving evidence to its age and authenticity. A beauty for any collector of rare WW2 medals. 

Jere Grönholm (From Finland) has been kind enough to offer some interesting details about this medal ...

In fact the swastika on the cross is not related to Germany, the Nazis, or the World War II. The Finnish army has used a swastika in its emblems since 1918, when it was used by the Air Force for the first time. There was a swastika (a straight blue swastika on a white background) on the planes until 1945, when the Lapland War ended against the Germans. The swastika was then abandoned because it was strongly associated with Nazi Germany. However, to this day the swastika still appears on the flags of various units of the Finnish Air Force, on the Cross of Liberty, in the Order of the White Rose of Finland chain and on the state flag of the President of the Republic of Finland (Order of the Cross of Liberty pictured). The hands of the top of the medal with their swords represent the battle between the West and the East. On the left the sword is straight and on the right the sword is curved (it has gone broken in that medal).

Guaranteed 100% genuine.

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