WW2 Lord Strathcona Horse Officer Brass Titles

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Above are the scans of this WWII Lord Strathcona Horse regimental brass shoulder titles. These are in excellent condition with all original welded lugs intact. The badge is near mint. In WWII the LdSH served as an armored regiment. They still, to this day, however maintain a sizable mounted troop. This regiment is also known as the "Royal Canadians" as appears on the cap badge.

Some History: The Lord Straths have been around since the Boer War. They were commanded by the Famous Sam Steele. The original members of the regiment were from the Northwest Mounted Police. They embarked for South Africa in 1899. 

Duriing WW1 the regiment was mobilized and began its training in England. In 1915, Lord Strathcona's Horse served as infantry in the trenches in France. On 16 February 1916, the Strathcona's were reconstituted as a mounted force. On 31 March 1918, in what is known as "the last great cavalry charge" at the Battle of Moreuil Wood Gordon Flowerdrew was posthumously awarded the Victoria cross for leading his men in a successful engagement with entrenched German forces. 
In July 1940, LdSH(RC) along with the Royal Canadian Dragoons, were mobilized as the1st Canadian Motorcycle Regiment. Later that year, the Strathcona's became 2nd Armoured Regiment, Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians). The Regiment trained in England for two years with Canadian built Ram Tanks and saw its first action in an armoured role in Italy. 
             Today the Lord Straths are a regular armoured regiment of the current Canadian Forces and are currently based in Edmonton, Alberta.This regiment is part of Land Force Western Area ist Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group. And as of the writing of this note two squadraons are in the Afghaniston Campaign. The main vehicles operated by Lord Strathcona's Horse are the Leopard Tank and the Coyote Recon Vehicle. ... 

Guaranteed original.

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