CAF Collar Dog 1920 vintage (Type 2)

1920's vintage Canadian Air Force collar dog (Type 2)


Brass badge RCAF Nurses (Korea Era)

This rare badge was used by nursing sisters attached to the RCAF during the Korean Conflict 1950's.


WW2 RCAF inlisted ranks Cap Badge (Lot #1)

Royal Canadian Air Force inlisted ranks, cap badge


WW2 RCAF Flying officer's

Under Construction!


WW2 RCAF Silver Cap Badge

silver plated, officer grade, cap badge


RCAF QC Officer's wedge cap 2pc brass badge - post 1953

Officer's wedge cap 2pc brass badge - post 1953


WW2 RCAF enlisted ranks Cap Badge (Lot #2)

both original lugs intact,


QC era RCAF Bullion Cap Badge

This badge is of the bullion type


RCAF pre '68 QC era Cap badge

made of bullion on black felt


RCAF Albatross Insignia set of 2 uncut

for tropical field dress.