Rare Canadian Air Force CAF 1920's Cap Badge (3rd Pattern)

A rare type of Canadian Air Force cap badge of 1920's vintage.


Silver RCAF KC pin (pre 1953 era)

The enameling is near perfecton on this little beauty


1920's Navy Air wing Cap badge

The point at which the wings touch the crown is quite fragile. Most specimens of this type did not survive due to this design problem. ...


WW2 era British Royal Air Force (RAF) Lady's Compact

Note the "sterling silver" Hallmarks


RAF king's crown Cap badge, of WW2 vintage (lot #2)

"Never has so much been owed by so many to so few!"


Rare Canadian Air Force CAF 1920's Cap Badge (lot#2)

both original lug type attachments in good order


WWII era RCAF Officer Grade Beret Badge set (2) (lot#2)

a rare find these days


WW2 RCAF inlisted ranks Cap Badge (Lot #2)

Comes with cross pin as found.


WW2 RCAF enlisted ranks Cap Badge (Lot #3)

slightly broomed for comfort


KC era Bombardier Wing (WWII)

nice clean badge