I. Dinky, Corgi Spot-on Die-Cast toys


Spring type axle suspension


Dinky 979 Newmarket Racehorse Transport

very clean with no scratches


Dintky Toy - Speed of the Wind #23E pre war racer.

The Dinky Company produced this model both before andafter WW2.


1953 Crescent Toy Coronation Coach ( Elizabeth II )

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1960 vintage Corgi Cooper/Maserati Fomula 1 Racer

Both the car and the box are excellent. 


1960's #268 Corgi Green Hornet's Black Beauty car w/ Box

The various rockets, disk, and tabs for firing and figure movement are all original and totally functional.


1960's Corgi Man from Uncle Car - Thrush Buster

Figures are orignal and intact, as are the various accessories, mirrors, ring etc.


1960's #108 Dinky Toy - Sam's car

The toy is orignal and intact, as is the clockwork motor.


1950's Era Dinky #40H Austin Taxi

Very clean with only  minor playware. Has a brown base plate in good order.


1950's Era Dinky Ford Fourdoor Sedan model car

A well preserved vintage toy from a bygone era.