C. British & Commonwealth Military Items

WWI - New Zealand Mounted Rifles Title

has the older flat lug style fasteners


Victoria crowned British Engineer Reg't Cap Badge (Lot#2)

original lug type fasteners intact and in good order


Canadian Militia Collar - Edwardian Crown

Haldimand Militia 1905


CIX (109th) Canadian Militia Cap & Collar (pre WW1)

A rare set for the discerningCanadianacollector


WWII Australia shoulder flash AAMWS (lot of 2)

All lugs in good usable condition


WW2 Machine Gun Corps Badge (British)

Hallmarked "J.R. Gaunt London"


34th Canadian Militia Collar 1900-1910

A rare collar-dog from the 34th Canadian Militia, From the Haldiman county in Ontario.


38th Canadian Militia collar-Dog

Duffern Rifles of Canada raised from the Duffern area of Ontario.


32nd Canadian Militia Collar-Dog

South African Labour Contingent. Part of our contribution to the Boar War effort from 1899 to 1901.


14th Kings Canadian Hussars Militia Collar-Dog

maker-marked "W. Scully, Montreal".