C. British & Commonwealth Military Items

Old Union Jack (British Flag)

32 inches by 64 inches made of wool


WWII era British Intelligence Corps (set of 3)

cap badge has the flat style lugs.


WW2 Australia Commonwealth Military Force Cap & Collar Badge Set (5)

all badges in good condition


WWII era Jewish Chaplain Badge

Has a "J.R. Gaunt London" hallmark


WWI Era Royal Garrison Artillery Cap & title set (3)

related to the garrison at Orkney


WWI Era Royal Garrison Artillery Cap Badge, Title set, Photos & Paperwork

from the WWI Scapa Flow era


WWI ERA 36TH Ulster Division Cap badge


WWII era British Auxiliary transport Service - ATS

Queen Elizabeth II served in this regiment


8th Central Ontario Reserve Reg't

both welded stem lugs in excellent condition... 


Royal Scots Cap badge & Collar set (3 pcs)

Generally a hard to find set with the collars.