C. British & Commonwealth Military Items

Victoria crowned British Engineer Reg't Cap Badge

has tiny lug type fasteners


Victoria Era 34th Regiment a Foot Shako Badge

original lug type fasteners intact and in good order.


WWI era British Border Regiment cap badge (lot #9)

no voided center.


Large Border Regiment related cap badge (no crown)


WWII era (?) British Border Regiment collar badge (lot #2)

Both original lugs in good order


British Border Regiment collar badge varient (lot #1)

silver colored metal with both original lug type attachments intact.


Victoria Crown Navy Button

Hallmarked "J. Gieve & Sons, Portsmouth"


Capetown Highland Regiment cap badge

lugs are intact and in good order


Lovat Scouts (modern)

comes with its cross pin


Ulster Volunteer Force UVF Irish Cap Badge

retaining original two lug type fasteners and accompanying split pin