C. British & Commonwealth Military Items

RAF King's Crown Uniform Pilot's Wings

"Never has so much been owed by so many to so few!"


created as a"people's force"which began about1859.


Victorian Era Band badge

both original lug type fasteners intact.


ATS Cap badge WW2 era

Queen Elizabeth II did her military service during WWII, in this unit.


WW2 KC era Royal Engineers Cap Badge

This o/r badge is made of fine brass.


WWII ers KC REME Cap badge

A rather hard to find WW2 item


WW1 CEF era Small General List Officer's Badge

made of brass, with both original lugs, horizontally  positioned


WWI 147th CEF batallion Cap badge

The 147th sailed for England on November 14th, 1916.


WWI CEF 201st Batallion Cap badge

A case for Conscription: There were too few recruits to fill the quota for the battalion, and it was disbanded in Canada.


WWII era Artillery Cap Badge

Guaranteed an orginal cap badge from the WWII era.