8. Metal Shoulder Titles & Trade Badges

WWI era Governor General's Foot Guards Shoulder Title

made of heavy brass


WWI era Canada title curved

all lugs in good order


Post 1953 RCDC shoulder title set & collar badge (Dental Corps)

"spinner" type attachments on the collar


WWII RCAC (Royal Canadian Armored Corps) Title set of 2

Lugs in good order


WWII era Royal Canadian Army Chaplains Corps

hallmarked "Skully Ltd."


Post '53 Hastings & Prince Edward Shoulder Title Set (2) (lot#2)



WWII era Peel & Dufferin Brass Shoulder Title

both original lugs intact


Post '68 "Canada" Title Set of 2

may be CWAC related


CEF 1st Battalion title WWI

may be Boer War era 


Post WWII era Canada Title

Older style badge, probably 1960's era.