7. Military "Sweetheart" Badges

WWI era CEF 80th Battalion Sweetheart Badge WWI

This battalion was raised in Eastern Ontario, with headquarters in Barriefield.


WWII era Royal Army Ordinance Corps Sweetheart Pin (lot #2)

attachment pin  is in good functional condition


12th CEF Mounted Rifles WWI Collar device

Could be a sweetheart since it has a pin back attachment.


WW1 Era Gerneral List Officers/Sweetheart Cap Badge

The detail on this badge is very fine


British Army Sweetheart Pin for the Royal Berkshire Regiment

Silver base with blue enamel, (not hallmarked).


British WW2 Sweetheart Pin for the Gloucestershire Regiment

Made of silver with blue, and red enamelling


British Army Sweetheart Pin for the Rifle Brigade

Made of silver with blue and red enameling


CEF 112th infantry battalion Collar devise (Officer)

has a straight pin attachment on the back


WWI CEF 66th Battalion Sweetheart or Officer collar - Edmonton

Officer collar or "Sweetheart" pin ???


WW2 Celluloid Heart Shaped RCAF Sweetheart Pendant

a heart shape with the word "Happy" added