7. Military "Sweetheart" Badges

WWII era RAF Enameled w/ jewels, Sweetheart Badge


RCAF Celluloid Sweetheart Pendant (lot#4)


WWII Armoured Corps Sweetheart Broach


WWI Era Seaforth Sweetheart Broach

this broach is specific for the 6th Battalion


WWI CEF 61st Field Artillery

A rare commemorative


Geo VI Cipher Pin for the Royal Canadian Engineers WWII

made of silver


WWI era CEF 80th Battalion Sweetheart Badge WWI

This battalion was raised in Eastern Ontario, with headquarters in Barriefield.


CEF 1st Canadian Construction Battalion Collar badge

responsible for tunneling, trench construction, roadways, train tracks, etc.


12th CEF Mounted Rifles WWI Collar device

Could be a sweetheart since it has a pin back attachment.


British Armored Corps Sweetheart Badge

has it cross pin still in good order.