7. Military "Sweetheart" Badges

WWI era Canadian medical Corps Sweetheart (silver)

original straight pin attachment intact and in good order. 


WWI 100th CEF Battalion Sweetheart Badge (Winnipeg Grenadiers)

comes with a "Dingwall - Winnipeg" hallmark.


WWI era 89th Battalion CEF Sweetheart Badge

enameling is perfect!


WWI 169th Battalion CEF Sweetheart Badge

original straight pin attachment


WWI era Royal Corps of Signals Sweetheart badge

enameling is still excellent


WWI era 117th Battalion CEF Sweetheart Badge

made of hallmarked silver


WWI era 112th Battalion CEF Collar


WWI era 89th Battalion CEF Cap Badge


WWI era 134th Highlanders Sweetheart Pin

rare enamelled sweetheart


202nd CEF Batallion sweetheart badge

CEF Batallion sweetheart badge