7. Military "Sweetheart" Badges

WW2 era British Royal Air Force (RAF) Silver Sweetheart wings

High relief design silver


WWI era CEF195th Battalion Sweetheart Broach

original straight pin type fastener intact and in good order.


WWII era Enameled Sweetheart Wings Broach

the pin has a partial hallmark "Weld... Manu"


British Border Regiment Silver Sweetheart Pendant (lot#1)

named to one Pte J.F. Pickering, and showing older style hallmarks


British Border Regiment Gold Sweetheart Broach (lot#3)

perfectly emameled piece of gold war time jewelry.


WWI CEF 65th Battalion Sweetheart or Officer Collar

has a cross-pin type attachment


KC era Silver Sweetheart Pin (lot #1)

very interesting small badge worthy of some research.


WWI era 229th Battalion tiny pin

This may be an unusual form of a sweetheart pin.


WWI era Canadian medical Corps Sweetheart (silver)

original straight pin attachment intact and in good order.


WWI 100th CEF Battalion Sweetheart Badge (Winnipeg Grenadiers)

comes with a "Dingwall - Winnipeg" hallmark.