2. WWII era Cap badge and Collar Device Sets

WW2 Kings Crown Prince Edward Island Regiment of Canada Collar Badge

All lugs intact on this fine white metal badge 


WWII Era South Alberta Regiment Cap Badge (lot #2)

An Armored Regiment in WWII


WWII Era Royal Canadian Army Dental Corps set of 2

tang & lug type fasteners original & intact


WWII era Perth Regiment (Motor) Cap & Collar Badge Set (3)

original lug type fasteners intact and in good order.


WW2 era Calgary Highland Collar Badge (set of 2).

both set of lugs original and intact.


WW2 Three River Regiment Collar set (2)

all original lugs intact.


WWII era Veterans Corps Collar set (2)

comes with cross pins


1924-1939 Kings Canadian Hussars Collar Badge (lot#2)

original lugs intact and in good order.


WW2 Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Collar Badge

Highly detailed small badge