2. WWII era Cap badge and Collar Device Sets

WWII era Prince Albert Volunteers Cap Badge

Complete with both original lugs and cross pin as found.


WWII era

lugs & cross pins in good order.


WWII era North Waterloo Regiment Collar Devise

much rarer than the cap badge.


Interwar era First Canadian Hussars Cap & Collar set (3)

with a tang fastener on the cap badge and pin back fasteners on the collar device set. 


WW2 era Halifax Rifles Cap & Collar Set

all original lug type fasteners intact


WWII KC era General List Infantry collar set

all lugs orginal and intact, with cross pins included...


WWII era RCAPC (Pay Corps) Cap & Collar Set (3)

All original lug type fasteners in good order.


Canadian WWII era Mount Allison University Badge set (3)

Includes cap and collars


WWII era Loyal Edmonton Reg't Collar set (2)

all original lug style attachments in good order.


WW2 era king's crown RCEME Cap Badge (1st pattern - (lot#2)

both "lug"style fasteners, original and in good order.