2. WWII era Cap badge and Collar Device Sets

WWII era Cap & Collar Set for the Edmonton Fusiliers Lot #2

original lug type fasteners, all in good order.


WWII KC era Canadian Postal Corps Collar Badge (lot#2)

both original lug type attachments in good order.


WWII era North Waterloo Regiment Collar Devise

much rarer than the cap badge.


Victoria & Haliburton Regiment (Peterborough Ontario)

come with original lugs and cross pins


WWII Era General Service Badge

"Penalty for misuse, 500 dollars"


KC WW2 Royal Canadian Dental Corps Brass Collar

a fine clean example


WW2 era Prince of Wales Own Regiment (MG)

Tang and lug attachments original & in good order


Canadian Corps of Signals WWI CEF era Shoulder title

The prefix designation "Royal" was added after WWI by Royal Decree.


WWII era Royal Canadian Armored Corps Cap Badge



WWII era Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps Collar RCAPC

both original lug type attachments in good order.