2. WWII era Cap badge and Collar Device Sets

WW2 New Brunswick Tank Reg't Set of 3 pieces

A rare set made of brass. Excellent condition.


WWII cap badge for the Edmonton Fusiliers Lot #1

very good condition with original lug type fasteners


WW2 era Mediacl Corps Collar set - Officer

silver plated with some of the gold plated highlights still visible


KC era Royal Canadian Army Dental Corps Collar Set (Officer)

Spinner type fasteners on this collar set.


KC era Lanark & Renfrew Cap & Collar Set (3)

All the badges have their original lug attachments in good order.


WWII era Veterans Corps Cap & Collar set (3)

All lug type attachments are original and in good order. 


WWII era Cap & Collar Set for the Edmonton Fusiliers Lot #2

original lug type fasteners, all in good order. 


WWII era Canadian Infantry Corps Collar set (2)

original welded lugs intact and in good order.


WWII KC era Canadian Postal Corps Collar Badge (lot#2)

both original lug type attachments in good order. 


WWII era Prince Albert Volunteers Cap Badge

Complete with both original lugs and cross pin as found.