3. Cap Badges collars & Badge Sets post 1953

Post '68 era WOI (RSM) collar set (2)

double pin back fasteners original and intact


Loyal Edmonton Regiment Cap Badge - Post War

both original lug style attachments in good order.


Pre '68 Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps Cap & Collar Set (3)

All lugs fasteners are original, and in good order


QC era Chaplin's Cap Badge

 tang type attachment in good order


QC era Perth Highland Cap & Collar set (3)

In good condition with all original lug type fasteners


Post 1968 Era Unit Commendation for Commander in Chief

post 1968 era unit commendation


QC era Winnipeg Rifles Cap Badge

Black devil insignia added...


QC era Royal Canadian Elecrical Mechanical Engineers (RCEME) Collar Badge Set of 2 (1953 to 1968)

has two opposing unicorn figures


Pre 1968 QC era Royal Canadian Postal Corps Cap & Collar set (3)

Thanks to the socialist leanings of the Liberals under Trudeau Ist,  the postal service lost its efficient military nature.


QC era Lord Strathcona Horse collar set (2)

all original lugs in good order.