1. WW2 era & Korea 1945 (KC badges)

WW2 era - 17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars Cap Badge

They served during WW2, with battle honors at Caen, (landed on D-Day with the 3rd Canadian Division).


Pre WWI Prince Edward Island Light Horse Cap Badge (Lot#2)

Has a clear "Birks" hallmark


WWII era 17th Prince Edward Island Regiment

welded lugs are original and in good order.


KC era Cap & Collar set for the Royal Montreal Regiment

original lug type fasteners intact on the all three badges.


WWII era Canadian Armored corps Cap badge

in very good condition with original lug type fasteners on the cap badge.


WW2 era Seaforth Highlanders Cap badge Lot #2

white-metal construction, with all lugs intact.


WW2 era Cameron Highlanders of Canada Glengary Badge

Sorry but this lot has been sold . We are always looking for these items & will pay cash for them.


WWII era Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Collar set (2)

Complete with all original lugs and cross pin.


WW2 KC Elgin Regiment Cap Badge (Lot#2)

Excellent condition!


KC WW2 era Lord Strathcona Horse Cap badge (lot #2)

lugs & cross pin are original and in good order.