1. WW2 era & Korea 1945 (KC badges)

WWII era 7th/11th Hussars Cap badge

lugs and cross pin in good order


WW2 Era Canadian Artillery Cap badge (lot #3)

both original welded stem lugs in good order


WWII Era COTC Cap & Collar Set (3) for Saint of X University

all lugs original and intact.


WWII Regina Rifle Regiment Cap Badge (lot #2)

blackened copper version


WWII Era R.C.D. Royal Canadian Dragoons Cap badge

comes with lugs intact and cross pin


WW2 Irish Regiment of Canada Cap Badge

All lugs intact on this fine bi-metal badge


WW2 General List Maple Leaf Cap badge

In excellent condition with both lugs intact


1st Canadian Hussars WW2 era O/R brass cap badge

the only Allied unit to reach its D-Day objective on june 6th 1944. The 1st Hussars suffered 21 killed, 17 wounded during the actions of D-Day.


WW2 Three River Regiment Collar Badges (set-2)

A set of clean badges.


WW2 KC Sherbrooke Fusiliers Cap Badge

both original lugs intact.