1. WW2 era & Korea 1945 (KC badges)

Lg RMC Bonnet Badge - KC era

Both lugs are original and in good order.


WWII Era Algonquin Regiment Cap Badge

Has welded lug type attachments original and in good order.


WW2 era PPCLI Bi-metal Cap badge (lot#1)

view the slight wear on the white metal details from successive polishing


WWII Lord Strathcona's Horse Regimental Cap badge in Silver

both original welded lugs in good order.


WW2 era Calgary Highland Cap Badge. (lot#1)

excellent condition copper version with white metal highlights.


WWII era Grey & Simcoe Foresters Cap badge

both original lugs intact and in good order.  


Le Regiment de Levis 1940 approved cap badge (lot #2)

 Les membres ont ete place avec le 21ieme Brigade de l'infantrie au Camp Valcartier


WWII era Canadian Technical Training Corps cap badge (lot #2)

Hallmarked "W. Scully Montreal"


KC era Copper Cliff Highlanders Cap Badge

Has a 765 number on the scrolling across the base.


Korea Era (1950) Canadian Scottish Shoulder Flash

grey felt with a black cheesecloth backing.