1. WW2 era & Korea 1945 (KC badges)

LOT #2 - WW2 New Brunswick Scotish Cap badge

A rather large badge with all lugs present and original.


WW2 CWAC Collar Badge Set (officer grade): Canadian Women's Army Corps

Made of silver all lugs intact


WW2 era Cap badge and collar set (3) for the Midland Regiment of Canada

Cap badge has original lugs in good order


WWII Era Bi-metal Canadian Parachute Corps Cap Badge

Both original lug typ fasteners are original and intact. 


WW2 era 2nd /10th Canadian Dragoons

both original lugs intact and in good order


WWII era Grouping of 3 Band badges

One price for all 3 pieces


Saskatchewan Border Regiment Cap & Collar set (3)

excellent condition with all original lugs intact and in good order


WWII Black Watch Cap badge - Canada

both lug type fasteners are intact and in good order. 


WWII era VRC Victoria Rifles of Canada Cap badge

 both original lugs and accompanying cross pin.


QC era British Columbia Dragoons Cap Badge

hallmarked tang devise