1. CEF Cap Badge & Collar sets

WWI Canadian Army

 dated  ... June 29, 1915


WWI era Canadian Military Police (Provost Corps) Shoulder Title (Lot#2)

WWI Provost Corps


CEF 69th Battalion Collar Badge WWI

Formed in 1915. This battalion was raised in Quebec, with headquarters in Montreal.


CEF WWI 132nd Battalion Collar badge set of 2

all lugs original and in good order


CEF 134th Battalion (48th Highlanders) Collar Devise WWI

a rare collar complete with both original lugs


CEF 1st Canadian Construction Battalion Cap Badge & Collar set (2 pcs)

 responsible for tunneling, trench construction, roadways


CEF Canadian Ordinance Corps Badge set - Cap, Collars & title WW1

made of brass


217th CEF Battalion Collar Badge

may be an officer grade badge


CEF 242nd Battalion Collar set (2)Cap Badge (Lot #1)

In excellent condition 


WWI CEF 174th Battalion Collar set (2)

all lugs, original and in good order.