1. CEF Cap Badge & Collar sets

WWI era CAPC Canadian Army Pay Corps lot (4 pcs)

comes with all lugs and cross pins


WWI Era Set of 5 pcs - Canadian Military Staff Clerks

5 piece badge set


CEF 69th Battalion Collar Badge WWI

Formed in 1915. This battalion was raised in Quebec, with headquarters in Montreal.


CEF WWI 132nd Battalion Collar badge set of 2

all lugs original and in good order


CEF 134th Battalion (48th Highlanders) Collar Devise WWI

a rare collar complete with both original lugs


WWI Canadian Corps of Signals Collar Badge (Rare)

a hard to find WWI uniform acoutrement, complete with all original lugs


WWI CEF 174th Battalion Collar set (2)

all lugs, original and in good order.


CEF 38th Battalion Collar badge WWI

complete with both original lugs


WWI 88th battalion CEF Collar badge set (2)- Victoria Fusiliers

well made solid examples


WWI era Set of INF shoulder titles

The original lugs are intact and in good order.