1. CEF Cap Badge & Collar sets

WWI 84th Battalion CEF Sweetheart Badge

still somewhat shiny


79th Highlanders of Canada Sporran Badge

a large attachment devise


CEF WW1 80th Battalion cap badge & Collar set (3pcs|)

complete with all lugs and collar cross pins. 


WW1 era CEF cap & collar badge set (3)

all with matching age patina


WWI era $th Canadian Pioneers Battalion Cap[ and Collar set (3)

all original lugs intact and in good order.


CEF WWI 102nd Battalion Cap and collar badge set of 3



WWI era Daughters of the Empire Pin

has a Birks-Ellis hallmark


CEF WWI 79th CEF Field Artillery Collar devise or Sweetheart pin

A rare beauty of a bygone era.


WWI era Canadian Medical Corps Collar Badge Set (2)

have the flat pointed lug type fasteners


WWI era 51st Battalion CEF - Edmonton

excellent 3 piece set