1. CEF Cap Badge & Collar sets

WWI 181st CEF Battalion Cap badge and collar titles (set of 3)

All lug type attachments are original and in good order. 


WWI 84th Battalion CEF Sweetheart Badge

still somewhat shiny


79th Highlanders of Canada Sporran Badge

a large attachment devise


CEF WW1 80th Battalion cap badge & Collar set (3pcs|)

complete with all lugs and collar cross pins. 


WW1 era CEF cap & collar badge set (3)

all with matching age patina


WWI era $th Canadian Pioneers Battalion Cap[ and Collar set (3)

all original lugs intact and in good order.


CEF WWI 102nd Battalion Cap and collar badge set of 3



WWI era Daughters of the Empire Pin

has a Birks-Ellis hallmark


WWI era Canadian Medical Corps Collar Badge Set (2)

have the flat pointed lug type fasteners


WWI era 51st Battalion CEF - Edmonton

excellent 3 piece set