1. CEF Cap Badge & Collar sets

CEF 203rd Battalion Cap badge & Collar set (3)

a clean highly detailed set.


WW1 era CEF cap & collar badge set (3)

all with matching age patina


WWI era $th Canadian Pioneers Battalion Cap[ and Collar set (3)

all original lugs intact and in good order.


CEF WWI 102nd Battalion Cap and collar badge set of 3



WWI era Daughters of the Empire Pin

has a Birks-Ellis hallmark


WWI 257th CEF Battalion Collar Devise

very rare WWII era 257th CEF Battalion Collar


CEF WWI 132nd Battalion Collar badge set of 2

all lugs original and in good order


CEF 134th Battalion (48th Highlanders) Collar Devise WWI

a rare collar complete with both original lugs


WWI Canadian Corps of Signals Collar Badge (Rare)

a hard to find WWI uniform acoutrement, complete with all original lugs


CEF 38th Battalion Collar badge WWI

complete with both original lugs