1. CEF Cap Badge & Collar sets

WWI Era Queens Own Cameron Highlanders Uniform Button

Hallmarked "Wm Anderson & Sons, Edinburgh ".


WWI CEF Canadian Machine Gun Corps Cap & Collar set (3)

collars have a "Firmin Bros, London" hallmark 


WWI CEF era 131st Westminster Cap & Shoulder Titles set(3)

 tang style lugs complete, original, and in good order. 


WWI era CEF Field Artillery Cap & Collar set (3)

All lugs intact and straight pin attachments are in good order


WWI CEF 1st Railway Construction Battalion Cap & Collar Set (3)

All original lugs present and in good order.


WWI CEF 166th Battalion Cap & Collar set (3)

All lugs are original and intact.


CEF 1st Infantry Battalion (Western Ontario) Cap & Collar set (3)

First to fight!


WWI CEF 28th Battalion Silver Collar badge set (2)

made of silver, or plated silver indicating an officer grade set.


WWI CEF10th Canadian Railway Troops Cap Badge & collar set (3)

Originally called the 256th CEF Battalion


CEF WWI era 149th Battalion Collar Badge Set (2)

All lug type attachments are original and in good order.