Rare podium banner/flag

about 48 inches square


WW2 German Iron Cross 1st Class w/ Presentation Box

Has a #20 stamped on the cross pin


WW2 Iron Cross 1st Class w/spinner attachment

 # L-21 is stamped on the back of the spinner


Luftwaffe WWII era Observer Uniform Badge (Beobachterabzeichen)

Maker marked "GWL"


Kepi for the German Civil police in the late 1930's

very clean and complete


WWII German Police Dress Dagger

Nicely Hallmarked. 


WW2 Era Nazi Party Button hole badge (Lot#2)

an original piece from WWII


WWII era Marksman Award - Hitler Youth

Marked RZM "M1/14".... 


WWII era Shooting Award - Hitler Youth

enameling at 100%


German WW2 Medal Certificate #3

This is a copy only!