Victoria & Edwardian Era Militia Badges

14th Kings Canadian Hussars Militia Collar-Dog

maker-marked "W. Scully, Montreal".


80th Regiment of the Canadian Militia Collar-Dog (lot #1)

This badge is made or copper


80th Regiment of the Pre WWI Canadian Militia Collar-Dog

hasbothoriginal lugs intactandin good order


94th Canadian Militia Regiment Collar-Dog

Scottish Regiment of thePre WWI Canadian Militia


12th Militia Regiment Collar-Dog (silver)

This badge is is made of silver


Middlesex and Huron Regiment Cap Badge

has a straight pin attachment in good order


Canadian Militia Button Edward VII Era

good clean example


Pre WWI era Artillery Cap & Collar set of 3

These beauties are of the voided type, and are complete with all original lugs.


104th Canadian Infantry Regiment collar set

Made of copper, they are in near mint condition


Victorian Crown Hastings and Prince Edward Bullion Blazer Crest

no bullion wire is missing and is all still nicelyinplace. Goodcondition forits age...