Victoria & Edwardian Era Militia Badges

32nd Canadian Militia Collar-Dog

South African Labour Contingent. Part of our contribution to the Boar War effort from 1899 to 1901.


Victoria Halliburton Regiment - Canadian Militia

This Boar War era regiment was raised in the Halliburton district of Ontario.


14th Kings Canadian Hussars Militia Collar-Dog

maker-marked "W. Scully, Montreal".


80th Regiment of the Canadian Militia Collar-Dog (lot #1)

This badge is made or copper


80th Regiment of the Pre WWI Canadian Militia Collar-Dog

hasbothoriginal lugs intactandin good order


94th Canadian Militia Regiment Collar-Dog

Scottish Regiment of thePre WWI Canadian Militia


The Durham Militia Regiment Cap Badge

This badge is made or brass


33rd Huron Militia Regiment Collar-Dog

made of copper and good condition with both original lugs present


12th Militia Regiment Collar-Dog (silver)

This badge is is made of silver


Brockville Rifles Regiment Large Collar-Dog

Has original red felt backing and is maker marked "G.Scully, Montreal".