D. German Militaria

Nazi German Hitler Youth Belt Buckle

WWII German, similar to the Scouting organization


WW2 era National Socialist Party Member Pin

An original example of a hard to find WWII German political badge


Pre WWII era Nazi Military Sports Award


WWII era German Army Sports Efficiency Badge

Made of bronze with attachment pin intact


1916 Pattern Picklehaube (grey Imperial Eagle)

grey colored helmet decorations


WWII era Womens Corps Badge

RZM marked


WWII 3rd Reich Navy Stick Pin Eagle


WWII era 3rd Reich Luftwaffe Flack Badge

original dark gray-green finish


WWII era Eagle/Swastika cap badge


WWII era 3rd Reich Luftwaffe Flack Badge (lot#2)

vertical straight pin type attachment on the back