D. German Militaria

WW2 German Veteren's Uniform badge

Pin attachment is original andintact


WW2 German 25yr Service Medal for Police

a hard to find WWII 3rd Reich service award


WW2 German Infantry Assault Badge (Bronze)

This badge has a small "M" stamp near the pin attachment.


WW2 era German Luftwaffe Observer's Badge (Cloth)

This badge is made of embroidered cloth on canvas.


1926-1936 Thuringen Medal

A large, nicely stamped medal, made of brass.


WW2 era German S.A. Sporting Badge (nicely hallmarked)

This one appears to be a second class award.


Eidelweise Badge - Maker marked

Made of zinc or tombac, a late period piece....


German WW2

1934 dated with aninscription


German WW2 "Tinnie" 1934 Dated - retaking the Saar region.

Interesting design features on the eagle


WW2 era Iron Cross 1st Class (1939 dated)

the badge clearly shows it age patina.