D. German Militaria

WWII era German RDR pin

Stylized emblem shown in scans


WWII era German D.V.G. (Lothr) pin

Pin attachment is original and intact.


WWII German 3rd Reich "NUN ERST RECHT" party pin

Enameling is 100%


WW2 German 3rd Reich NASDAP Buttonhole Pin

Attachment is for the button hole.


WWII German RDB eagle pin

nicely hallmarked "GES.GESCH"


WWII era German N.S.K.K. Eagle pin

RZM marked.


WWII era Hitler Youth Compass (Lot#1)

glass crystal is perfect,


German WWII National Air Travel Ministry ink stamp

a very solid brass stamp


German WWII SS Document stamp

a very solid brass stamp


WWII era German Fireman medal

Very clean with enameling at 100%.