D. German Militaria

1934 Dated Heroic Bust (Gremany)

nearly 7 inches tall and mounted on a 3&3/8 by 3&3/8 base.


German WW2 Iron Cross 2nd Class

maker marked on the ring


WWII German SS Uniform Button (lot #1)

excellent - its attachment is in perfect order.


WWII Era Bar for the Iron Cross 1st Class 1939

hallmarked "L/22" 


WWII era German Army Helmet

Nice condition!


WWII era German Waffen SS Helmet

Very clean example all intact.


WWII German Waffen SS Helmet (lot#2)

Excellent field used example


WWII era German Helmet -

Very good condition.


WWII German Knight's Cross - Cross Swords Devise

We are selling this one as a reproduction


WWII era German NSLB pin

hallmarked with "Offstatter/Bonn"