D. German Militaria

WWI era Prussian Iron Cross 2nd Class Valor Award w/ ribbon

has its original halmarked ring attachment 


WWI era Saxon 5 medal bar (Imperial German)

includes a Saxon Friedrich August bravery medal in bronze


WWI era Imperial German 4 Medal Ribbon bar

ribbons for 4 awards with 3 attached original cross swords devises.


WWII 3rd Reich Blockade Runner Unifrom Badge

obverse is marked " FEC.OTTO PLACZEK BERLIN" ...


WWII 3rd Reich Era NSKK Cloth Insignia

Made of silver wire on khaki colored cloth


WWII 3rd Reich era Minsweeper Badge

still retaining much of the original age toned gold color.


WWII era 3rd Reich Submariner Badge

Maker marked "GWL"


1936 Dated Heroic Bust (Gremany)

nearly 7 inches tall and mounted on a 3&3/8 by 3&3/8 base


Undated Silver Finish Heroic Bust (Gremany)

7 inches tall mounted on a 3&1/2 by 3&1/2 by 2 inch base


WWII German Luftwaffe Breast Badge

hallmarked with "B&N" all above an "L"