D. German Militaria

WW2 German Waffen SS Infantry Assault Badge

Straight pin attachment is original and in good order.


1916 Pattern Picklehaube (Baden lion)

The1916 type, from the city state of Baden


WW1 Imperial German Zeplin Badge

This item is ultra-rare!


WW2 German Police 25 Year Service Medal - cased

Obverse reads "for loyal service in the police"


WW2 German Army Dagger hanger set

in excellent condition for its age


WW1 Imperial German Field Combat Order

overlaid with gold on the crossed swords


1936 Berlin Germany Olympic Medal (very fine).

1936 Olympic Medal issued by Nazi Germany to commorate the Berlin games


WW2 Era German Panzer Assault Uniform Badge (25 engagements)

a rare specimen!


WW2 era German Army Shooting Lanyard

Shooting Award!


WW2 era Grman Army Iron Cross Gallantry Medal

Guaranteed 100% as stated or your money back.