L. Police Related items

Older Style Calgary Police cap badge

has the older notation "Police Force"


Canadian Police Cap badge 1940's

a vintage bi-metal police badge


Vintage Union Pacific Police Badge

possesses a straight pin attachment typical of the 1930's


Vintage Deputy Marshall Police Badge

a rare period piece


Alberta Canada Game Warden Badge

a rare period piece with a "Jackson" hallmark


WWI era Canadian Military Police (Provost Corps) Shoulder Title (Lot#1)

WWI Provost Corps brass title


Newfoundland Rangers - Police Force

existed from 1935 to 1949


Mounted police Shoulder flash (early bilingual version)

A 1960's vintage


Mounted police early Shoulder Flash (English only version)

In very good condition.


Metropolitan Security Cap Badge KC (pre 1953) RARE

KC era Metropolitan Security Cap Badge 1940's