L. Police Related items

Vintage Police badge for the town of Point Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Beaver over the"Police" with the number8 centered on the the shield.


Vintage Cap badge for the Cite de Waterloo Quebec, Canada

Has the number 16 below a beaver over maple leaf crest (1950's).


WW2 era Soviet Russia CCCP early KGB Badge & ID book

a heavy enamelled piece with hammer & sickle over a downward pointed sword.


Uniform badge for the Canadian Aboriginal Police - Lesser Slave Lake Alberta (decommissioned)

older version badge still in excellent conditio


British Police Helmet Plate - Lankashire Constabulary

still has its 3 original lug-type attachments in place and in good order. 


1950's British Police Helmet Plate - Cumbria Constabulary

most likely of WWII or Korean War vintage...


RNWMP Uniform Button

A hard to find relic of a bygone era.


KC era (pre 1953) British Bobby Cap Badge

original lug type fasteners intact and in good order.


Metro Toronto Police Aux Cap Badge

 nicely hallmarked "Made in Canada by Bond Boyd"


Vintage Cornwall Ontario QC era Police Chief cap badge

excellent condition with enameling at 100%.