B. CEF and Corps Badges (Canadian WW1) 1914

CEF WWI 102nd Battalion Cap badge

made ofbrowing copper, with both original horizontal lugs in good order


CEF WWI 101st Battalion Cap badge (lot #1)

shows in the scrolling across the center, its home regiment name "Winnipeg Light Infantry".


CEF WWI 103rd Battalion Cap badge

both originalhorizontal "flat" (early type)style lugs in good order.


CEF WWI 204th Battalion Cap badge

a highrelief leaf design with no chips or dents ro flaws


CEF WWI 229th Battalion Cap badge

This badge ismaker marked "Crichton's Moose Jaw".


CEF 4th Mounted Rifles, Cap Badge & Collar Set

all original lugs intact and in good order.


WWI CEF 10th Canadian Railway Troops Cap Badge

After arriving in England the 256th battalion was renamed the 10th Railway Troops.


1924-1939 Kings Canadian Hussars Collar Badge

This Regiment became the 1st Hussars in 1892


WWI CEF 188th Battalion Cap badge

raised in Northern Saskatchewan in Prince Albert


CEF WWI 232nd battalion Collar Badge set (2)