B. CEF and Corps Badges (Canadian WW1) 1914

WW1 CEF 65th Battalion Collar Badge

both horizontal lugs, original and in good order.


WWI era brass sleeve badge for Signals trade

all orignal lugs are intact and in good order


CEF era 1st Mounted Rifle Battalion Cap Badge

an excellent copper example of an inlisted ranks cap badge.


WWI era Candian Army Medical Corps Cap Badge

An interesting, field used, often polished, wartime relic.


WWI era Bugler Trade Badge

all four original "lug" type fasteners are in good order and original.


CEF 222nd Battalion Cap Badge WWI Lot #2

This beautiful example is complete with both lugs.


CEF 142nd Cap badge WWI (Lot # 2)

complete with original lugs in good order.


CEF 234th Battalion cap badge

This beautiful example is complete with an unusual form of lug type fastener


WWI era Canadian Field Artillery Collar for the CEF

lugs intact


WWI CEF 220th Batallion Cap Badge (lot #3)

excellent condition for its age