B. CEF and Corps Badges (Canadian WW1) 1914

CEF 31st BCH (British Columbia Horse) Cap Badge WWI

This beautiful example is complete with both original lugs, horizontally mounted.


WW1 CEF 24th Battalion Collar-dog

Victoria Rifles of Canada. very good condition and still has its split-pin intact.


CEF era 13th Overseas Field Battery Cap badge WWI

complete with both lugs


106th Pre WWI Winnipeg Light Horse Collar

original lugs, intact and in good order


WWI 2nd CMRBCH Helmet Decal

This interesting oldHelmet decal is in like new condition.


50th Battalion CEF Battalion Cap Badge (rare pattern)

all lugs original and intact on ths rare Alberta badge


WWI era CEF 10th Battalion Cap Badge

A piece of living history


82nd CEF Battalion Cap Badge (Calgary)

Made of pickled brass. Both original lugs in good order.


31st CEF Battalion Cap Badge (Calgary)

This brass badge has lug type fasteners


WWI Canadian Veteran's Badge in SIlver

excellent overall condition onwhat appears to be sterling silver.