B. CEF and Corps Badges (Canadian WW1) 1914

CEF10th Battalion Cap Badge

A minty silver specimen.


Honorable Service Veteran's Badge for Canada WW1 era

this badge has the characteristic penalty warning used to keep the "cowards" from escaping their just due.


CEF 134th Battalion Officer's Cap Badge (Lot#2)

They sailed for England on August 9th, 1916.


CEF WW1 205th Machine Gun Batallion Cap Badge

A beautiful example of a WWI Canadian Machine Gun Corps CEF badge.


WW1 Canadian Machine Gun Corps Cap & Collar Badge Set (3)

all lugs original and intact.


WWI era 13th Canadian Field Artillery Cap Badge of the CEF..rare!

This batallion was raised in the Hamilton area.


WW1 Death Certificate 1914-18

WW1 Death Certificate. A great addition for a KIA medal set


WWI era 3rd CEF Battalion Cap badge (Toronto)

both lugs complete and original and have welded stems ...


CEF 32nd battalion Collar Badge

raised in Manitoba and Saskatchewan


CEF 61st Battalion Cap Badge & Collar set (2) WWI

Maker marked "R.J. Inglis Limited"