J1. United States Military Articles

WW2 era USAAF pilot's wing insignia

This badge has nice even patina


WWII era USAAF cap badge and collar set

As seen in the movie "Pearl Harbor".


United States Distinguished Service Cross Certificate

You may have us personalize this certificate with you name and related info.


US Purple Heart Medal Accompanying Certificate

Did they ever issue you one for your war wounds?


United States Army Sharpshooter Certificate

DO you qualify for one of these?


United States Legion of Merit Award Certificate (Type 2)

We have another type of this certificate..


1960's Viet Nam era Flight Crew uniform wing

hallmarked "Gemsco N.Y."


Small Size USAF Master Pilot's ensignia

hallmarked "Krew G1" with a silver mark as well


USMC early (WW1?) collar badge type

Note the anchor is NOT fouled.


WW2 Vintage USAAF Master Pilot's Wings (Small format)

Maker marked Amico, with both pin backs intact