A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

WW2 era Mediacl Corps Collar set - Officer

silver plated with some of the gold plated highlights still visible


KC Era Queens Own Rifles Regiment Cap & Collar Set (3)

high quality white metal badges


QC Era Regiment de Chateauguay Collar Device Set

lug type fasteners and cross pins on the reverse side.


North Saskatchewan Regiment Cap Badge (lot #1)

made of white metal & copper


CEF WW1 "INF" Shoulder title set of two

Hallmarked "W. Skully Montreal"


Korea era Kings Own Calgary Regiment Cap Badge

Both original lugs in good order and intact.


WW2 era 2nd /10th Canadian Dragoons

both original lugs intact and in good order


WWI era Canadian Army Dental Corps Collar Badge

Has both original vertically placed "lug" type fasteners


WWII era Grouping of 3 Band badges

One price for all 3 pieces


Saskatchewan Border Regiment Cap & Collar set (3)

excellent condition with all original lugs intact and in good order