A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

WWII CDN Women's Army Corps (CWAC) Right collar

original lugs in good condition.


CEF 1st Infantry Battalion (lot#1)

Has a "Tiptaft - B'Ham" hallmark.


WWI era Lewis Gun Trade badge

worn on the battledress


Hallmarked Royal Military College Brass Title

both lugs in good order


Essex & Kent Scottish Reg't Collar set (2)

all lugs in good order


WWII era VRC Victoria Rifles of Canada Cap badge (lot#2)

a blackened brass badge


49th Loyal Edmonton Regiment Brass Collar Badge

includes lugs & cross pin


229th Battalion Sweetheart Variant

still in excellent condition


Generic Sweetheart Pin (superior construction)

a clean vintage badge


WWII era Lorne Scots Bonnet Badge

Included is the tartan backing