A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

Post '68 QC era RCAF Cap badge & collar set (3)

hallmarked "Skully". 


1924-1939 Kings Canadian Hussars Collar Badge (lot#2)

original lugs intact and in good order.


RNBR Royal New Brunswick Regiment


CSM / WOII Brass Sleeve insignia WWI

original lugs are intact


WWI CEF 184th Battalion Shoulder Title

Sailed for England in November of 1916


Canadian Hasting and Prince Edward Title

both lugs original and intact.


Post 1953 Royal New Brunswick Regiment Shoulder Title Set (2)

pin style fasteners


Régiment de la Chaudière brass title

is today a primary reserve unit for the region


KC era WWII Glider Pilot Regiment cap badge


KC era RCAF Enameled Sweetheart Badge