A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

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WW2 Three River Regiment Cap Badge (lot#3)

both original lugs intact


WW2 cap badge: Canadian Womens Army Corps ( CWAC ) Lot#2

lug attachments, original and in good order. 


Post 1968 era Mobile Command badge

Has the proper military grade backings.


QC era Nova Scotia Highlanders (North Novas) Cap & Collar set (3)

This bi-metal set is in excellent unused condition. 


WW2 Canadian 22nd Regiment Bimetal Cap Badge (lot#2)

original lugs intact and in good order


QC era PPCLI officer grade collar set (2)

all pin-back type fasteners in good order. 


WW2 era king's crown RCEME Cap Badge (1st pattern - (lot#2)

both "lug"style fasteners, original and in good order.


Kings Own Calgary Regiment Cap Badge.

Both original lugs in good order and intact.


QC era Queens Own Rifles Belt Buckle


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