A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

WW2 Regina Rifle Regiment officer grade cap badge

darkened brass composition.


WWII era Algonquin Regiment Cap badge (lot #2)

both original lugs intact and in good order


Post '68 Cap & Collar set (3) for the Tri Sevice uniform

the grey in the scans is caused by  a shadow on the photo


Post '68 Cap & Collar set (3) for Physical Education Trainer

military style lug type backings on the collars


PPCLI Brass Collar Badge Set (2)


RCAF Albatross Insignia set of 2 uncut

for tropical field dress.


QC era PPCLI Bi-metal Cap badge (lot#2)

a heavy brass badge


QC era RCAF Cap badge

 both original lugs in good order.


WWII era Cap badge (RCEME)

tang type attachment is original and intact... 


WW2 Era Canadian Artillery Cap badge

complete with both original welded stem lugs