A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

WWII era Canadian Infantry Corps Cap & Collar set (3)

All have their original welded lugs intact and in good order.


WWII era KC Midland Regiment Cap Badge (lot#3)

both lugs present and original, as well as a cross pin as found. 


KC era Gold Enameled Sweetheart Pin (lot #2)

interesting small badge worthy of some research


WWII Fort Garry Horse Collar Badge

both original lugs intact


Princess Louise Dragoon Guards Collar Badge

Please quote the number at the top of the item page when ordering to avoid confusion.


WW2 Kings Crown Prince Edward Island Regiment of Canada Collar Badge

All lugs intact on this fine white metal badge 


Pictou Highland Collar Set (2)

Looking for info on this badge set!


WWII era Royal Canadian Grenadier Guards cap badge

both original welded lug type fasteners are in good order.


WWII era Algonquin Regiment Cap badge (lot #2)

both original lugs intact and in good order


Post '68 Cap & Collar set (3) for the Tri Sevice uniform

the grey in the scans is caused by  a shadow on the photo