A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

Seaforth 3 Lug Sporran Badge

 Very clean and in like new condition.


WWII era Royal Army Ordinance Corps Sweetheart Pin

back pin in good functional condition


WWII era Saskatchewan Dragoons Cap badge

Both original welded stem lugs are in good order. 


WWII era Chief Petty Officer Cap badge

still in excellent condition.


WWII era Petty Officer Cap Badge RCN


WWI era Loyal Edmonton Reg't Collar set (2)

all original lug style attachments in good order.


RCEME - Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers

tang style fastener 


QC era Canadian Airborne Cap badge


QC era Canadian Armored Corps Cap Badge


Post '68 era 12e Blinde Armored Regiment Cap Badge

excellent condition with tang type fastener